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our technical private client articles

“A little relief” 

by Celtic Murray (22/11/2019)

Section 11 IHTA, provides relief from paying inheritance tax in specific circumstances...

“Capital Gains Tax & Gifting” 

by CTTC Ltd (09/01/2020)

Many people believe that Capital Gains Tax is only payable on a sale of a property, but...

“Inheritance disputes” 

by Martin Holdsworth, IDR Law (09/01/2020)

I was first involved in a contentious probate case in 1993 whilst...

“Why recommend
Sibling Trusts” 

by CTTC Ltd  (09/01/2020)

We all know that setting up a Trust can be the most flexible and protective method...

“Judge urges to resolve Will dispute over jockey’s estate” 

by CTTC Ltd  (09/01/2020)

Bunny Cox was one of the greatest amateur riders in the history of...

"We must make haste then..." Marcus Aurelius

by CTTC Ltd (09/01/2020)

With Alzheimer’s and dementia now the leading cause of death in England and Wales...

Secure Document Storage 

by CTTC Ltd (31/03/2021)

Are your clients aware of the difficulties their families could face if their documents are lost..

Trusts and Long Term Care Case Updates 

by CTTC Ltd (31/03/2021)

Are you talking to your clients about the possible implications?

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