COVID-19 Frequently asked questions

Countrywide Tax and Trust Corporation Ltd is committed to providing the best possible service to our agents and our clients throughout these unprecedented times. As Key Workers delivering essential services, we will continue to have certain staff in our Leamington Spa office. Those that aren’t have the facilities to operate remotely from home.

Below we have prepared some frequently asked questions to assist you with common queries you may have.

Q.  I need to prepare a Will and/or Lasting Power of Attorney can you still facilitate this for me?

A. Yes we can. Please contact and we will be happy to assist as promptly as we possibly can.

Q.  I need to request release of Wills or other documents that I believe are being held in Countrywide’s safe storage, how do I go about this?

A.  Please email your request (attaching any copy letters if possible) to

  • If you need to request a Will from our secure storage facility following the death of someone you act as Executor for, we require an “original” death certificate and a letter signed by all of the named Executors confirming where the Will should be released to.
  • If you wish to request your own documentation from our secure storage facilities, we will require a signed letter from you.
  • If your request is for your own Enduring or Lasting Power of Attorney, we will require a signed letter from you confirming where this is to be sent to.
  • If Attorneys wish to request the release of an EPA or LPA, all Attorneys (not replacements) will need to sign a letter confirming that they are happy to authorise the release of the document and where it is to be released to. All Attorneys must be in agreement before we can act on this request. 

We will send all original documents out by Signed For delivery. 

Release of documents usually takes around 10 working days to get the documents to you. We will endeavour to continue this level of service where possible, although to an extent we are also reliant on the level of service Royal Mail are able to provide. 

Q.  Can I still request a change or amendment to my documents such as my Wills and Trusts?

A. Where possible we would encourage you to contact the person who you originally gave instructions to when the documents were produced. If this is not possible then a letter signed by you outlining the changes you would like to make needs to be emailed to so that we can advise further.

Q.  Are funds that are being held by Countrywide as an executor of an estate or trustee of a trust safe?

A. The funds are held in a client account that is separate from the day to day activities of the company. The client account is covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). 

Q.  I need to request a payment from a trust or estate, can I still do this and how do I go about it?

A. You will need to contact the office via email who will be able to respond to you.
For Probate:
For Trust requests:

Q.  I am concerned and wish to check that my documents are valid and are still doing what I want them to do. How do I make contact?

A. Where possible, we would encourage you to contact the person who you originally met when the documents were produced. If this is not possible, please contact